Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Mind, Red Velvet

My mind as of this moment is red. Not Taylor swift red, head-achy red where I close my eyes and see red. Ow. Perhaps it's due to gluing my eyes to screens: phone screen, laptop screen, work computer screen, kindle screen, tv screens then repeat. Not to self, keep eyes away from screens if possible.

On the topic of red, belove is a photo of a red velvet cake I devoured on Friday night with Michael and his friend Matt. It was delicious, but I've realized that I've been eating a tad too many desserts! But it was our first time at Kingfish Cafe, which did not disappoint. I don't normally eat southern food, so it was definitely amazing letting loose with some chicken wings, fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some collard greens. My mouth is still salivating and that's a lot of chicken I ate in one night.

My weekend was pretty productive writing-wise. I hammered away on my second draft that I feel very burnt out today and my mind is somewhat a mush. It's really crazy how not much of the first draft is kept in the second. It's like writing a new story, but not, since it's just rewriting the clearer version of the original story. Does that make sense? Perhaps not since my brain is red achy.

Oh yeah, and that Seahawks won their championship game which is pretty cool. Not really into football, but it's nice to see work and the city decked out in blue and green.

Hoping you all have a good Monday that isn't so red :P

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