Thursday, February 27, 2014

Age of First Publication

So randomly purusing wikipedia, I found myself searching for YA authors I currently read. Throughout the whole process of doing just that, I realized I was looking for something rather specific: the age of the author when their first book was published.

This is what I found via Wikipedia:

Lauren Oliver - 27
Sarah Dessen - 26
Veronica Roth - 24
Stephenie Meyer - 32
JK Rowling - 32
John Green - 28
Cassandra Clare - 34
Jay Asher - 32
Maureen Johnson - 31
Markus Zusak - 24

Thus, the average age of publication for this list is 29. If I minus the two years it takes to get published (query, revisions, edits, production, etc.) and subtract another year for the author to write it, I come up with 26, the average age these writers started working on their debut novel.

You're probably asking, "What Michelle, does this all really mean?" Nothing really. I just find it fascinating. If this mathematical equation were a trend (which it isn't, because I suck at math) and I started my novel at my current age 22, I would like to hope that I could be published at 25 (because that would be a rad way to celebrate a quarter of a century of being alive!).

A girl can dream right?

That is all.

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