Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aerial Views

There's something about planes that I really enjoy. You'll find me at a window seat, staring out blankly in a daze, thinking up stories, or writing in a little book. Sometimes I'll read, but my eyes will always gravitate to the window from time to time. Oh the sights that you see.

On my way back to Seattle on Monday, the sky was clear enough that I was able to see Crater Lake below me as the plane was passing through Oregon.

I've never seen the lake on land, but whoa does it look amazing from up high! That island inside of it, I learned, is called Wizard Island, which I found to be pretty neat!

Once I was in Washington, I was also able to get a decent picture of Mount Rainier.

Currently there's a storm watch in my area for a chance of snow! Very light of course, that will probably get rained away by tomorrow morning, but I really hope it happens!

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