Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trying not to go crazy over here!

Unfortunately, Michael has been sick for two plus weeks and the doctor's can't tell what's wrong with him. Already we've been to the ER and we're now in the process of waiting for lab results. It's a stupid waiting game as we camp out in the studio. I just want someone to tell us what's wrong, and I just want him to feel better.

I've been trying not to go crazy being cooped up inside, but there's no way I'm leaving him home either. I've tried to write my book, but I'm having a hard time focusing. Maybe all I need is coffee to do the trick, so I'll try that. Blog posts, however, are comparably easier.

An update on my manuscript. It's practically done, the story is coming to a close. I think it'll end roughly around 70,000 words instead of the 80,000, but what I'll do is write 10,000 words of notes and things I need to change around draft two. Once done, I'll post a summary on my experience with this first draft.

Another update: If you guys didn't know this already, when I moved to Seattle, I kind of barged my way into Michael's studio (meant for one person) and brought my cat up in November (since apartments in Seattle are so expensive). He's let me live with him for the time being, but now we've found a beautiful one bedroom apartment for us (which is practically double the size of our current studio) that we get to move into on Friday! YAY! Maybe once I have my own closet, it'll start feeling like home!

And it's crazy to think that Christmas is this week! What a whirlwind!

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