Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some writing encouragement.

My photo of the day, or I guess I should say 'yesterday.'
As I've mentioned, my writing funk was awful last week. If at this moment, you are feeling stuck in a writing funk, I hope by the end of reading this post it is somewhat alleviated. I don't normally go on a reblogging spree, but today I'll make an exception. So here's some writing encouragement because I think you are amazing and you should keep on writing, because deep down you truly love it, even though at this moment it is oh so frustrating!

I'll begin by sharing some writing quotes I came across this morning on twitter (I know I'm really late, but I just realized the amazingness of this social media tool!).

Your inner writer is tingling upon reading the quotes, I just know it. To help you along with that, I wanted to reblog Jane Friedman's post on 10 Apps to Help You Stay Focused On Your Writing. Some of the apps are really cool and intersting, most of which I hadn't even heard of until reading the post. I'm thinking of getting apps numbered 9 and 10, since I think it'll be useful for me. How about you?

Alright, so hopefully you're getting jazzed to write again. So the question is how do you fuel the motivation? That's something I always mull over too. What works for me is imagining my work where I want it to be at the end so that I can finally query agents. That is my goal for this year after all. So figure out what your goal is, envision yourself there, and then keep working towards it until you get there. The journey is long and arduous, but split it into tiny chunks and keep chipping away at it. Soon enough, you'll find yourself there. If you want more encouragment than I can offer you, read this post by Lamar Giles on Adventures in YA publishing, I did, and his main point really stuck: If you want to write, you must finish.

And if you're hoping to query one day too, check out the #NaNoNewLeaf chat yesterday here where agents of New Leaf Literary answered questions on twitter.

On a final note, make sure to step away from your writing once and awhile so that you won't be so burnt out (I know easier said then done, right?). Not to mention, sometimes you get those great insights and ideas for your project when you're not writing! One of my favorite ways to take a step back is wine. So yesterday Michael and I went to Bottlehouse, my favorite urban winery in Seattle and ended the night with vegetarian dinner, a recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty.

Happy writing, and happy hump day!

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