Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYC Series: Grand Central Station, Central Park, and the Met

(Continuation of this post)

After getting done with the Library, I went to the Grand Central Station to see the comings and goings of New York City.

It was neat to finally see if after seeing it in so many films. Afterwards, I met up with my sister for brunch at Bareburger.

On my way I passed the Chrysler building so I took a quick snapshot of it:

After our brunch we took a long walk around Central Park, even though it was so cold out. Even in winter, Central Park is still gorgeous, all dolled up in its frosty glory.

Any Gossip Girl fans recognize this?

Or maybe this side of it?

See the Boathouse from 27 Dresses?
Bow Bridge
On top of Belvedere Castle
Next we went to the Metroplitan Museum of Art.

Inside the Met!
One of the cool exhibits
On the steps of the Met oustide.
All three places were exactly what I hoped it would be. By the time we finished, my sister and I were so famished that we had an early dinner at Barriere, one of her fave restaurants, then rested the rest of the evening before we went out again for the night life!

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