Thursday, February 20, 2014

Writing Funk

Though I am so glad I got to travel around this month, it has taken a toll on my second draft. I've been away from it so long that my progress has taken a big hit. I know I still have time to finish before my deadline, but I feel so disconnected from the work which makes it difficult for me to keep going. Also, having a full-time job doesn't make it any easier when all I want to do when I get home is rest and zone out.

I know. I need to just suck it up, stop with the excuses and just do it, right?

But it's so hard to be in a writing funk. And then, when I'm in a writing funk, all I want to do is binge on shows (BTW, I am sooo obsessed with BBC's Sherlock! It's so good!).

I really need a slap in the face right now to get out of it. Anyone willing to oblige?

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