Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stuck in a Snow Storm

So funny thing yesterday. I spent my evening writing and got hungry in the middle of it. I ordered room service and decided on cheese and characters, thinking that it would be just a small plate. But jeez was I wrong! They gave me a whole platter that seemed to suit a party of six!

I felt a bit terrible for wasting the majority, but holey crow, why are these portions so huge?

Anyway, I woke up this morning, opened my curtains and everything was draped in white! And I'm talking inches thick. The storm everyone has been talking about finally hit the greater Boston area. The schools were canceled, and so is my conference for the day. I'm officially experiencing my first snow day as I watch the white little flecks completely pour down from the top floor of my hotel window. It's strangely beautiful, yet scary at the same time. Earlier after breakfast, I headed outside thinking maybe I could take a walk in it. Within seconds I was coated in little flakes, and my non-snow shoes sunk quickly into the snow. Bad idea, so I quickly went back inside and grabbed some hot tea! The storm is more enjoyable by simply watching it from a warm room instead of participating  in it I realized.

At least I know I have a lot of time to write and read today. Though, in the back of my mind I'm slightly worried that when the next storm hits on Sunday, I may be stranded at the JFK airport.

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